For those who’ve been patiently waiting on the edge of their seats for YES Live info, here’s an announcement that’s positively BUZZWORTHY. We’re pleased to announce some of the YouTube stars who’ll celebrate all you amazing NCS grads (and future stars) at YES Live. So sit back and get ready to be blown away by the accomplished attendees who will take part as the Green Room Presenters at NCS YES Live.


Taking a (temporary) break from his glorious gaming channel, Ali-A will be joining the NCS team yet again and we couldn’t be more excited! He’s consistently shared his passion and enthusiasm for the programme throughout his social channels, so we’re beyond pleased to have him on board. Emma Blackery is another YouTuber who’ll join us at YES Live. Her wit and musical talent not only entertains her 1 million followers, but she also guides and inspires them through life’s setbacks. She’ll be joining Ali-A as the Green Room Presenter and will share her amazing vocals – a performance we can’t wait to see!


If you’re into beauty care, then you may have heard of the wonderful Emily Canham. This YouTube star has worked with NCS in both 2014 and 2015, where she got the chance to meet some of the grads during the behind the scenes of our TV ad. And finally, the humorous yet profound Jake Boys will share the YES Live stage with his fellow YouTubers. His constant involvement with NCS has had a major impact and we’re happy to have him join us for the celebration!


We can’t wait to get the show started! Who are you looking forward to seeing at YES Live? Tweet us @ncs.