The Wolfpack ready to pounce and deliver great Social Action

The Wolfpack ready to pounce and deliver great Social Action


This social action team helped feed the homeless in their community. They were very involved in the entire process from cooking the meals from scratch to handing it out to the homeless. On top of this great work, they also helped clean up the community centre that everyone uses. They cut and trimmed the outdoor space, which can now be used to grow vegetables. This whole experience positively changed the lives of the team members, with one continuing her involvement with helping the homeless. 

“Now that I know it helps so many people, I now go help out every week,”  she said. Watch their clip here.

Access Shefield raising awareness for disability 

Access Shefield raising awareness for disability 


This social action team decided to dedicate their project to the issue of disabled access in Sheffield. This was an especially important cause to these social action stars because one of their team members was a mobility user. To raise awareness about the lack of disability access out there, the team made a video which had two members of the team – one in a wheelchair and the other in crutches – demonstrating the challenges they face getting around. This team hopes to see a ramp being built in Sheffield as a result of all their hard work and commitment to the issue! 

“I wanted to make a difference because disability access is a big problem not just locally but nationally”- Jack Marshall (NCS grad) Watch their clip here.

Team possible helping the elderly in Folkestone

Team possible helping the elderly in Folkestone

Team possible

This social action team wanted to bridge the gap between young people and the elderly. Many members of the group had relatives living in a care home and noticed they didn’t get many visitors, especially from young people. To fix that, they wanted to get involved and do something for The Grange Care Home that would make their stay more pleasant. Knowing that many elderly people have trouble remembering things as they age, the teens decided to make a memory book which will allow them to look back and reminisce on special moments in their lives. This required the team to spend the day with the elderly; they got to know them, listened to their stories and shared some cherished moments. One of the residents really enjoyed their experience, saying: “It’s nice when they come. We talk and they tell us their tales and we tell them ours.” 

To raise the money for the memory book supplies, the team did a 24 hour bike ride – 4 hours per bike (6 in total). The money left over went back to the care home and was put towards buying 2 wheelchairs!

“I think they should win an award because of all the meaningful and long lasting contacts they created. It was quite an experience for me”-  a Grange Care Home resident.  Watch their clip here.

Social Action one step at a time with The Banter Brigade

team banter brigade

The Lauren Brown Fund, which was set up by Lauren before she passed away, raises money for hospitals to help make the parents’ and children's stay more comfortable. The social action team wanted to raise money for this charity, especially since one of the team members (Harriet) was close friends with Lauren. Before she passed away, Lauren’s dream was to visit Disneyland, Paris. Because Lauren didn’t get the chance to go, the team decided to travel to Disneyland on her behalf. To raise money for the charity, they came up with a unique way to fulfill Lauren’s dream; they did a triathlon covering the distance from Wrexham to Disneyland. First they cycled the distance from Wrexham to Dover, then swam in a swimming pool covering the distance from Dover to Calais, and finally they walked the distance from Calais to Disneyland! This helped them purchase 2 folding beds for parents and some game consoles for children.

“A lot of children suffer from cancer in the UK, and we felt that their stay in hospital needs to be made as comfortable as possible for both them and their parents.”

-NCS grad from Team Banter Brigade. Watch their clip here.


The inspiring Team Brah helping LGBT homeless in the North East 


These social action heroes raised money and awareness for the young LGBT community. They teamed up with The Albert Kennedy Trust – a charity which gives back to young people (under 25 year-olds) in the LGBT community who experience homelessness or live in hostile environments. To raise money, they made and sold 200 string bracelets and did a sponsored walk from Newcastle to Hexham, which raised over £850! They also set up social media pages including Instagram, Twitter and a Facebook page which gained over 300 likes. Finally they made a moving video explaining the charity’s cause and work, which you can watch here.

“When I first suggested it, our team leader didn’t know what LGBT stood for. That’s why we needed to get it out there.” 

- NCS grad from Team Brah