Ali - A 

Who is Ali-A- Ali-A is a British YouTube gamer who has a following of over 7 million fans on his main YouTube channel, where he plays popular console games. Ali is one of the top online gaming faces in the world!

Has Ali worked with NCS before?-Ali-A has worked with NCS a lot over the past few years with 2015 being his busiest year. Ali-A has shown real enthusiasm for what NCS is about across his social channels and really believes in the importance of the experience. 

Role at NCS YES Live- Green Room Presenter

Why is Ali involved in NCS YES Live- Ali has been a hit every time he’s worked with NCS and some lucky graduates have even had the chance of meeting him while they were on the programme. With him having a thorough understanding of NCS, being a fantastic presenter, having a huge male following and being part of the 2015 NCS cohort it’s the perfect opportunity to come back and celebrate.



Who is Emma Blackery- Emma is a British YouTuber, Comedian and Musician. Emma has over 1 million followers on her main YouTube channel with a goal to entertain, educate and inspire young people to fight against life’s setbacks.  In 2015, Emma was voted one of the top 30 woman under 30 to watch which heroes the way in which she aims to transform the world for young people.

Has Emma worked with NCS before?- Emma has never worked with NCS before, but we are hoping that NCS Yes Live is the start of a fantastic 2016 partnership. 

Role at NCS Yes Live- Green Room Presenter & Singer

Why is Emma involved in NCS Yes Live- Emma’s quirky personality and comedic values make her a great presenter backstage at NCS. She has a hugely dedicated following of fans that do not only watch her YouTube videos but follow her music which ties in extremely well with NCS Yes Live.

EMily canham

Who is Emily Victoria Canham- Emily's channel has tripled over the last six months as her followers come to her for advice on everything from winged eyeliner to coping with anxiety. Though Emily's first love is beauty, her daily video chats cover everything from moving out to self-confidence. 

Has Emily worked with NCS before?- Emily has worked with NCS both in 2014 & 2015, but 2015 being her biggest year yet. Emily was luckily enough to go behind the scenes on this years TV ad and meet a whole host of graduates who successfully completed their NCS journey which Emily also got to experience herself last year.

Role at NCS Yes Live- Green Room Presenter

Why is Emily involved in NCS Yes Live- 2015 has been a big year for Emily and her work with NCS, so Yes Live is the perfect opportunity to bring her back and celebrate with the grads who took on the same challenges as Emily and welcome the new 2016 gang to the life changing experience.

jake boys

Who is Jake Boys- Jake is a British YouTuber who, thanks to his loyal following, can often be seen trending on social media. He combines his enthusiastic sense of humour with frank conversation to present a different view on growing up in the social media age. 

Has Jake worked with NCS before?- Jake has been a regular face on NCS, he’s been able to go behind the scenes on what happens after hours during the experience, and how much fun the young people have.  Jake really believes in the philosophy of NCS and what it stands for which his audience totally believes in.

Role at NCS Yes Live- Green Room Presenter

Why is Jake involved in NCS Yes Live- Jake has worked with NCS a lot over the past few years and we hope 2016 will be all about the celebration of great stuff grads have achieved and what undergraduates are about to embark on.